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In the early 2020's, amidst the global pandemic & the stigma for

cannabis, we CRUSHED ORGANICS Pvt. Ltd. were determined to provide the

versatility of hemp and its products to our consumers in India & educate

more people to look for benefits from cannabis. We made our mandate

to manufacture and market it in India, and to implement Make in India

concept into a reality.

The hemp produce we offer is purely organic and healthy with zero

additives with and a long lasting shelf life. The Hemp offers a unique

feature where every aspect of it can be turned to a blessing. Our value

impacted community is set to provide the best quality products.

A brand that brings to your table a cherished seed of well-being and

nourishment from the Himalayas - Hemp Hearts, Hemp Seed Oil and

Hemp Protein Powder. While individuals living in this mountain go have always

received the rewards of Hemp whereas the urban areas are unaware of

this marvelous plant. Our nearby association with life in the Himalayas

throughout the years has carried us to introduce each and

every individual to this wonder.

We take nature's most flexible creation 'Hemp', once cherished and

gone through ages currently channels its approach to sustain you.

Our boss is a little Hemp seed with an extraordinary nourishing profile

which can furnish the human body with a healthy wellspring of

sustenance with every bite.


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Address : #32, S No. 1st Street, O.P.H Road Cross, Bengaluru - 560001.

Phone: 997-141-5680


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